Frequently Asked Questions

I love this app, so how can I help?

How Do I Get Votes On My Wishbones?

  • The fastest way to get votes is from the people that follow you in the app. Also - you can share your cards to your friends outside the app and get their votes quickly.

How Do I Create a Profile and Get Followers?

  • Go the Menu > My Wishbones > Edit Profile. Then Choose a Username, set a profile picture, and fill out your bio. Once you are finished press DONE. After this people can find you and you can tell your friends your username to follow.

How Do I delete A Wishbone I Made?

How do I get my card featured in the Daily Dozen or Trending Feeds?

  • The Wishbone team gets lots of cards submitted every day and we do our best to look at each one. To improve your odds here are some tips:
    • Be Original - don't duplicate cards you've already seen
    • Watch your spelling - Don't say "witch" when it should be "which"
    • Good Pictures - Don't leave a bunch of ugly white space in your cards

How often does the Trending Feed and Daily Dozen get updated?

  • The Daily Dozen is updated every morning, while the Nightly Dozen is updated each night
  • The Trending section of 50 cards gets updated 4 times throughout the day. There is a timer after the 50th card to let you know the next update.
  • Your Friend Feed gets updated in real-time. So whenever someone you're following creates a card, you will see it right away.
    • HINT - Follow lots of people to get unlimited cards

Why are there so many ads?

We hate ads too, but it super expensive to build a business for free.  Just close your eyes a little.

I think some of the cards are stupid / offensive / duplicates.  What should I do?

  • Sorry to hear that. Please click on the button visible on the card and select "Report this post" to flag what you don’t like. We closely monitor your preferences and try to improve the content everyday.

How can I tell the Wishbone team something very important?